Selfing protocol

  • write the date on lawson bags
  • check the first anthers coming out at the top of the head. 50% of the panicle should be flowering.
  • cut the top of head so that you can't see any anthers (yellow) and stigma (hairy) left
  • put a lawson bag on the panicle and staple quite thightly so that the bag is not removed by the wind, but not to much so that the panicle does not make a hole when the plant is growing. Otherwise the panicle will get out of the bag and be eaten by birds.
  • if the stems of the plants are very thin, tight several of them with a bag or a piece of string, so that they don't lodge

Only the top of the panicle should be like that (yellow anthers coming out).

Here it is too late. A lot of allo pollination. You want only selfing. But you want to be sure as well not to put a bag too early (before seeing anthers, before beeing sure the plant is not sterile). And because it changes the environment and is not the best for good fecondations.