Crop Adaptation Lab

Welcome to the lab website of Geoff Morris

Associate Professor in Crop Quantitative Genomics

Colorado State University | Soil & Crop Sciences


  • Jacques' paper on West African breeding programs developing genomics resources to improve for sorghum adaptation for smallholders in The Plant Genome

  • Marcus' paper on genetics of plant architecture, a foundation for ideotype breeding, published in The Plant Genome

  • Marcus' paper dissecting the genetics of inflorescence morphology in global sorghum published in G3

  • Our collaboration with Lasky lab on genomics of the Striga-sorghum arms-race published in PNAS

Our research

  • Our mission is to understand and improve crop adaptation. We use quantitative genomics to dissect and select adaptive traits. We use a goal-directed hypothesis-driven approach integrating evolutionary genetics, crop modeling, and molecular breeding.

  • Our focal crop is sorghum—a global food, feed, and biomass crop—and its cultivated and wild relatives. Sorghum is a critical crop of drylands worldwide, from smallholder plots in Sub-Saharan Africa to commercial farms in the U.S. Great Plains.

Team and community

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