Tissue Collection


Collect a tissue sample from every plot in MN2014 for archiving in case its needed for quality control checks.


  • Collect along a serpentine path through the field
  • Put one random young leaf sample from the center of each plot into a 96-well plate
    • Fill the plate from left to right, top to bottom
    • See plate IDs table
    • Each Plate (with 96 wells) was labelled in accordance with the table e.g MN14_Tissue_1 for plate 1
  • Lyophilization
    • The samples were lyophilized for an average of 5 days.
  • Grinding of the samples
    • Each plate was ground at 19 cycles for a minimum of 10 minutes duration.
  • The ground leaf samples are currently being stored under -80 degrees Celsius in the lab.