Chilling Tolerance

Objective: Identify the mechanistic basis of chilling tolerance in sorghum to accelerate marker-assisted breeding

Project Description: Susceptibility to chilling temperatures is a major limiting factor of sorghum production in Kansas. Our research focuses on identifying the mechanistic basis of cold tolerance using multi-tier approaches: QTL mapping, transcriptomics and lipidomics. The outcome of our research can aid in developing molecular markers for marker-assisted selection.


    • Transcriptome Analysis

Evaluate transcriptome changes induced by chilling stress in BTx623, a chilling susceptible parent line, and Nui Sheng Zui (NSZ), a chilling tolerant Chinese landrace. Transcriptomic changes were evaluated 36 h after being subjected to chilling stress using transcriptomic pipeline

Sample Information

RNA-Seq Data Parsing

DNA Subway

RNA-Seq data analysis using Linux

Presentation (Oct 21 2015)


  • UAV imagery from Asebedo lab: smb://catfiles.users.campus/workarea$/agr/shared2/precision-ag