Geoff Morris Associate Professor
Principal Investigator
Zhenbin Hu Postdoc
Quantitative trait & population genomics of energy sorghum

Sandeep Marla Postdoc
Functional genomics of chilling tolerance for grain sorghum
Jianan Wang Postdoc
Population and quantitative trait genomics
Gates Foundation
Kebede Muleta Postdoc
Genomic-assisted breeding for developing countries
Sridevi NakkaPostdoc
Sorghum doubled haploids breeding system
Heartland Plant Innovations
Marcus Olatoye PhD Student
Nested association mapping of agroclimatic traits

Fanna Maina PhD Student 
Genomics-enabled breeding for Niger
Jacques Faye PhD Student
Genomics-enabled breeding for Senegal

Terry Felderhoff Postdoc Associate Scientist 
Genomic-assisted breeding of chilling tolerance in grain sorghum

Matt Davis Assistant Scientist
Field research technician
Rich Brown Research Technologist
TERRA Unmanned Aerial Vehicle operations

Katherine Smith   Undergrad Researcher 
Shayna Braun  Undergrad Researcher 
Noah Winans  Undergrad Researcher   


 Yi Li  Postdoc (Heartland Plant Innovations) Currently: Calyxt Doubled Haploid Induction
 Sophie Bouchet Postdoc Research Associate
Currently: INRA-France
Development of Nested Association Mapping resources in sorghum
 Obembe Oladipo Research Assistant   
 Davina Rhodes Visiting scholar (Postdoc)
Currently: USDA Grain Quality
Diversity, genetics, and health benefits of sorghum flavonoids
 Bassirou Mbacké Visiting scholar
(USDA Borlaug Fellow)
University of Thies - Senegal

Genotyping-by-sequencing of the pearl millet landrace collection from Senegal

 Qingling Li  Undergrad Researcher  
 Karina Bertolino Undergrad Summer Researcher  Brazilian Scientific Mobility Program Intern
 Ben Coomes Undergrad Researcher  
 Austin Ebert Undergrad Researcher
Currently: USDA–ARS
 Spencer Navrude  Undergrad Researcher  
 Sam Knauss Undergrad Researcher   

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