Welcome to the lab website of Geoff Morris (Assistant Professor in Agronomy)


Our study system

  • Our lab is focused on genomics and adaptation of the food, feed, and biomass crop sorghum (Sorghum bicolor), and its wild and cultivated relatives (panicoid grasses). 
  • Sorghum is arguably the most important crop of drylands worldwide, from commercial farms in the U.S. Great Plains and Australia, to smallholder plots in Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia. With climate change bringing higher temperatures and more erratic rainfall to much of the world, the importance of climate-resilient crops to food security and rural economies will only increase.

    Our research goals

    • To uncover the genomic basis of environmental adaptation
    • To accelerate crop improvement for adaptive traits using genomics

      Other areas of interest:
      • Effects of adaptation on nutritional, yield & agronomic traits
      • The genomic basis of diversification in crops and wild relatives
      • Development of new approaches to study genomic diversity

    Our team and community

    Our current projects

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